Executive Committee 2017-2018



Hilarie Warren

Hilarie Warren, MPH, CIH is a Senior Research Scientist within the Georgia Tech Safety, Health and Environmental Services group, and has been an industrial hygienist with their OSHA Consultation Program for 13 years.  In addition to enjoying field work, Hilarie is a course director and instructor for several classes at the Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute. Hilarie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s in Public Health from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. She has been an active member of the GLS since 2005; she served as Treasurer for three years and is excited to be back on the Board!


Stephanie Scibilia

Stephanie Scibilia is one of five Business Development Managers for SGS Galson Laboratories with efforts concentrated from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southeast of the United States. Ms. Scibilia works with local, regional, and multinational corporations to educate and assist these companies with their IH analytical, equipment rental, and global needs. Another northerner who invaded the south, she grew up in rural NJ (yes, there are such locations in Jersey) on a produce farm, played Division I Field Hockey for Boston College, and graduated with a B.A. in Biology with a business concentrations. Right out of college, she became an Environmental Consultant for a fortune 500 company for 5 years before she entered into the lab industry. She has lived in Atlanta for 11 years and truly enjoys all of the people, fun events, concerts, hiking, and food this city has to offer!



Bob Hendry

Bob Hendry has been working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute for 27+ years. He is in his tenth year work with the OSHA Consultation Program and is instructor for the Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute. He has also performed research on a variety of topics related to industrial hygiene: indoor air quality, product emissions, gaseous filtration, analytical method development and sampling methods.


Della Ridley, CIH, CSP


Della Ridley is a health, safety, & environmental consultant, having recently retired from Abbott (formerly Solvay Pharmaceuticals) where she held the position of Environmental, Health and Safety Manager. Della is one of GLS’ longest-standing members who helped developed some of our initial operating procedures. She previously served as GLS Secretary and Treasurer.

Past - President               


Drew Peake

Drew Peake is a Professional Engineer with forty-years’ experience.  He is board certified in health (CIH), safety (CSP), environmental engineering (DEE), and forensic engineering (F.NAFE).  When he was president and president-elect about ten years ago, he guided Georgia Local Section through the Georgia Legislative Process for title protection.   

Past Executive Committees


Drew Peake - President
Hilarie Warren - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary


Stacy Savage - President
Kristen Butler - Pres. Elect
Brandon Cassidy - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary


Charles Calmbacher - President
Drew Peake - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary  


Kristen Butler - President
Charles Calmbacher - Pres. Elect
Brandon Cassidy - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary 

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